the2VVO – Temporary Home – Audio

the2VVO is a Khazak ambient-experimentalism duo.



Formed a while back the duo seek to deliver music that reflects of the board-sweeping and ever changing shapes of geological time periods, which they encapsulate in evocative evolving shifts of sound.

Regular readers will know I am never one to use the term ‘post’ anything as a genre descriptor, some will also have come across my derision of it as a reference point, as it is completely meaningless intimating merely ‘after’ – and all may as well be generically termed post-precambrian. the2VVO are the first musicians I have featured who have sought to lift the lid on pre-pЄ geology.

From their five track EP Scintilla (available on bandcamp) the closer – Temporary Home wraps up the release with sliding parallaxes which grate one against the other, grinding down the protolith rocks and which it is well worth dimming the lights and settling back in the chair to contemplate.


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