The Young Step

Surfacing from Saint Augustine in the USA is the swamp-rock trio of Ben WhitsonMicah Gilliam and Lauren Gilliam who form The Young Step.

The Young Step - swamp-rock from the USA

The Young Step

Bolster the sub-woofers and you will sense the alligators snapping at the heels as The Young Step stride confidently across the room. The snarling snatches of flesh tearing bass claw the spaces as flashing guitars sling a glittering gaping mouthed lunge across the divide, whilst driving footsteps of omnipresent predatory drum skims in lurching pace prowl across the landscape as the trilogy of vocals spin webs of silk around the ears.

There is a subversive nature to the delivery which attests that in pinpointed defined anchorages of societal rectitude, therein lays a less sanguine heartbeat and the audience is subsumed in the foaming contemplation, which, like a predator lays submerged with darting pupils.

With one LP behind them the eight track El ClásicoThe Young Step is a band to get to know in early development and one can only hope there is far more to follow.


El Clásico – The Young Step is available on iTunes.*

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