The Yetis

The Yetis is the garage rock quartet of Christian Luengen (lead guitar / Vocals), Nick Gillespie (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Stefan Luengen (Bass) and Collins Horbowyj (Drums) from Allentown in The USA.

The Yetis - Garage rock from The USA

The Yetis

I had to check my geography on listening to The Yetis and I was pleased to see that I hadn’t lost the plot and Pennsylvania really is where I thought it was – a land locked North Eastern State of The USA, not balmy California beaches of the South West. By that you will know there is a summery cheerfulness to the out-put.

I personally enjoy surfy garage rock for many reasons, not least being the extended drawing out of vowels which is typical of the genre and The Yetis are deft exponents, which gives the music an immediate sense of calm fluidity. Although having been around a while with an extensive back-catalogue of music that isn’t all beaches and sunshine, the members are still students and bereft of funding, so releases are scarce. There are a few tracks they have recorded themselves to take a listen to, however,  I do hope that when there are a few more pennies in the pockets they don’t move away from the current recorded sound that has such warmth to it because of its very low production cost.

I look forward to hearing much more of The Yetis and wish them every success in the topsy turvy world of being  musicians.

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