The Wyld

The Wyld a raprock trio based in Mount Eden in New Zealand is Joe Pascoe (Guitar / producer), Mo Kheir (vocals) and Brandon Black (vocals / production).

The Wyld - raprock from New Zealand

The Wyld

I am wreathed in smiles as I find another cohesive rap / hip hop undercurrent which has found space to grow and the grin gets even wider when I find it emerges from New Zealand. The trio filter the dross to, deliver music which flows with invective and musical competence to leave a clear fluidity of sounds that buffer the head from side to side in a valedictory salute.

I oft bemoan the world of want to be ‘ghetto’ music with its perpetual racism and misogyny positing there is a legitimate ground on which to play and whilst I was able to find in My Peoples a cousin relationship , I find a direct progeny with The Wyld, so it is with some excitement that I take this opportunity to introduce a band who have a handle on the realities of the 21st Century and choose to neither  portray themselves as victims or protagonists and for that very fact are the more powerful and relevant.

The grained guitar enables the material to gather relevance and barbed wire wrist cuffs whilst the electro structures are Meccano kits of spanners and bolts, holding it all in to shape as the vocals deliver viper flicks.

A new EP – Abstract – is set for imminent release and my advice is – get there as soon as possible  – for the best of hip hop – The USA has been superseded by New Zealand.


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