tHE wONDERSMITHS – Stanley (What’s The Plan?) – Single Review

The English indie-rock quintet tHE wONDERSMITHS released the single Stanley (What’s The Plan?) on the 3rd.



Combinations of synthetics and vocal breeze around the room in joyful footstep, while guitar spreads wings between rock riffs and jingly sparkles whilst the pressing bass keeps the combinations in order, For me the highlight of Stanley (What’s The Plan?) is a maestro performance on drum- kit with sticks threading between steel and skin in crisp pattern, giving the track both its party presence and, for those of us wanting a little more meat on the bones, it’s depth.

I have taken a listen to some of their back-catalogue too and can attest tHE wONDERSMITHS are capable songwriters and able to deliver tunes you will want to play more than once marking them out as a quintet to keep an look out for in the future.


Stanley (What’s the Plan?) – The Wondersmiths is available on iTunes.*

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