The Wonder Beers

The Wonder Beers from Surbiton in England is the new-wave trio of Pete Gwilt (Guitar / Vocals), Dan Pitfield (Drums/ Vocals) and Charlie Geary (Bass / Vocals).

The Wonder Beers - new-wave from England

The Wonder Beers

Still finding their feet with a set list of ten songs – three of which I have heard – The Wonder Beers have me spiralling round the room in broken furniture of joy.

Sometimes things arrive in perfect symmetry. I wrote about a band a few weeks ago who have now broken up over inability to perform on stage due to too much alcohol before a performance, which reminded me of every gig I have ever performed threading back to the ’70s – out of my head and normally covered in vomit stains and still managed to sing – now we find a band who revels in the wonders of beer, but let’s get back to The Wonder Beers not the wonder of beer….

Brief exchanges of gun-fire scatter around the room as a rattle of percussion flights bullet points around the room whilst a sabre of guitar snipes at the ears and a bass slams away in a space of its own as a lyric chuckles about the realities of life, I am minded of Sham 69 in conjunction with Ivor Biggun, yet I find myself perspicaciously repositioned to the ’10s.

Clear the room of static armaments which will shatter your shins and turn up the volume. You will be pogoing in seconds, if not – you are reading the wrong website.


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