The Volks

The Volks an alt-rock band from Mobile in the USA is Brad (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Neill (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals / Keys), Freddie Blache (Drums) and Nick Campbell (Bass).

The Volks - alt rock from the USA

The Volks

Bringing sounds from across the Atlantic into Alabama makes for an interesting sound that The Volks produce. I can’t say I didn’t have a sense of trepidation before hitting the music link of a band called The Volks from the White Supremacist heartland of Southern USA, but I was immediately put at ease. The quintet offer music with a broad international appeal as they break out the conundrum of the environs with a welcoming sound.

To try and more closely define the out-put – psychedelic revivalist Mod would serve as a differentiator and on their debut eponymous LP rebounds of analogue 8 track recordings, giving the material an instant authenticity and energy. The American twang adds a piquant of interest to me as a Brit and the coalescence of influences makes for an out-put I would like to keep hearing.

Never seeking to get ahead of themselves, The Volks, have given themselves time to develop songs which flow easily and settle with the audience instantaneously and the time they have afforded for their development has been well spent in defining a smartly pressed stack of songs.


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  1. James Robertson

    Thanks for this review, I’m curious how you came across The Volks. They are about to break out, and your review catches the flavor of their music.


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