The Vitals

The Vitals a rock band from Los Angeles in the USA is Kate Strand (vocals, guitar), Henrik Linde (guitar), and Dylan Howard (drums).

The Vitals - rock from the USA

The Vitals – Photo by: Kaleena Zanders (Kay Zee).

Like rolling waves, swooping guitars, tumble into the room sweeping up the listener in sounds which are difficult to accept only emanate from three players. There are complex interwoven layers of music that The Vitals extend to the ears in an unhurried manner, allowing the brain to ingest the big statements which despite their power are tender and textured.

Having gained a few years experience The Vitals have a confidence in their compositions, which is reflected in the songs, that are unforced enabling the audience to relax in the experience. Whilst wrested from rock ‘n’ roll the trio add layers to the sound which provide emotional context and something of a psychedelic feel without becoming trippy. If you are in the mood for some well developed mellow rock there are few bands who will have more to offer.

I believe they are currently working on some new material for another LP and if the music on this new release is in away related to their established material it will be an album worth adding to the collection.


Qualia – The Vitals is available on iTunes*.

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