The Union – Saskia – Single Review

The Australian indie-rock quintet The Union are working towards the release of an LP next year.

The Union

The Union

Although early in the process of the album – currently pencilled in to be on the release is their most recent track to surface – Saskia.

A just over three and a half minutes song which splits into distinct elements with an acoustic guitar announcing the arrival of Saskia – the listener is rapidly shaken from any idea of a ballad unfolding as the electric guitars and drum-kit spark in to life, like a four-stroke motorbike firing up,  signalling the start of the core segment with a combination of pulsing bass / percussion, supporting the rocking riffing lead with the rolling wave of the rhythm guitar and the vocal providing a lighter indie topping. The bridge fades back to the opening acoustic accompanied this time by vocal as though continuing the opening stanza building back to a more fiery version of the main body of the composition fading back to an acoustic finish.

By allowing themselves time to develop the song fully, in Saskia, The Union are able to deliver a track that makes for a coherent package with plenty to engage the listener whilst not overstaying its welcome. If this prefaces of the quality of the songwriting in the album, it will be a body of work to add the the collection by a recently formed out-fit.

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