The Ultra – Heart On The Run – Audio

The US stadium rock quartet The Ultra release their début eponymous EP on the 16th of February.

The Ultra

The Ultra

Albeit it is a tad chilly here in England as I type I still had the need to pop the speakers and my desk outside to fully enjoy the channels of sound which The Ultra are able to extrapolate in the four songs on the EP as without doubt this an outfit to fully enjoy with only the sky forming the roof to the expansive compositions.

Prior to pondering that this is perhaps a band who bears a relationship to the nemesis band to this site (first letter of the band name seventh on the top row of the alphabet of a QWERTY keyboard and lead singer first letter of name fifth letter on the third row – longer stay readers will know I despise the pretentious twaddle so much I am unable to find the will to type the name more precisely) forgo that thought – think of roots rock with a flourish and you will be heading in to the waters of the luxurious carpet of The Ultra, which despite the stadium sound is able to strip away all that is extraneous leaving the listener to gnaw on the dripping bones of freshly hunted meat.

My pick of the release being the second, the contemplative Heart On The Run which articulates of their ability to be both tender and powerful at one and the same moment.


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