The Tarsiers

The Tarsiers from Birmingham is the the rock band of DudzIan and Ryan.

The Tarsiers - rock from England

The Tarsiers

Retro glam-rock comes to mind on hitting play as The Tarsiers deliver big open spaces of rock which flow around the room in soaring compositions which don’t try to be anything other than what they are, good old fashioned fun-times. Whilst stylistically the music resonates of the past and any number of lists of ‘reminds me of’ could be written, the songs themselves are of today and it this is ability to combine the past with present that gives the trio an interesting out-put.

The Tarsiers produce pieces that convince the ears there must be more than three people involved, as although there is much activity by the individual players, they are able to deliver the tracks both with power and control.

Whilst the music translates well to recorded out-put, in fact there is a five track EP on it’s way, this is music best enjoyed with a crowd of other people at the front of the stage.


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