The Talks

The Talks – ska – from Hull in England is Patrick Pretorius (Vocals / Guitars / Sax), Jody Moore (Vocals / Guitars / Keys), Iain Allen (Bass) and Richard Lovelock (Drums).

The Talks - ska from England

The Talks

The Talks are a pure delight, but reviewing ska comes at a price – time – inevitably I spend more time dancing than I do typing and when it is delivered as well as this quartet, the desire to get anywhere near a keyboard fades to a distant memory, but finally I have reached the keys. Whilst rooted in the sounds of the past the band is far more than a throwback as they have managed to add a warming glow to the sharp edged notes which gives it an even more inclusive feel.

It is the keys which have been given a new twist with a wurtlitzer effect and the saxophone is more muted whilst a rap derived vocal gives it a modernity. The Talks stay mainly with ska, but are not averse to dance-hall reggae diversions, which they deliver particularly well and it is of little surprise they are gaining an increasingly international appeal, with festival appearances across many European countries.

A new single Radio is scheduled for release on the 30th June with thoughts of an LP – Commoners, Piers, Drunks and Thieves for later in the year.


Don’t Look Behind You – Single – The Talks is available on iTunes*.

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