The Talk

From Peterborough in England surface the logarithmic-gaze quartet The Talk.

The Talk - logarithmic-gaze from England

The Talk

On occasion articles needed to be prefaced with some clarifications – The Talk are but one letter away from The Talks, but would be harder to sound more different had they had a meeting to discuss differences though both from England. I am aware there are many regular readers who spot similarities of things and to clarify – yes – Seth Walton (Vocals / Guitar – ) and Ben Lomas (Guitar) from Alpina are here – rather this time to be joined by Harry Musson (Bass) and Teddy O’Bryan-Tear (Drums). As you know most bands ever featured are new to the scene and inevitably fall apart, though it is always a pleasure to continue the journey of the constituent musicians.

A footstool betwixt angular maths-rock and the gauzy glassiness of shoegaze The Talk is able to somehow recall Suicide Is Painless in their luxuriant expansiveness of the one and only track available to hear – There I’ll Go.

I make no promises that The Talk will exist in another six months and this may be their one and only demo, but like many of the shower-bursts of firework display that feature on the site before running out of gun-powder, I hope you take the time to listen to a track that adds value to the catalogue of the world of music.

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