The Surrealist – Self Spiral – Video

The Surrealist is a progressive-electronica duo from the USA.

The Surrealist - Self Spiral - artwork

The Surrealist – Self Spiral – artwork

A busy couple of months for The Surrealist sees their début single Self Spiral having been released on the 19th and their début EP Naked Awareness coming out on the 17th of September which contains a selection of four tracks and doesn’t include the single.

The Surrealist create synthesised instrumental compositions in which it is very easy to loose yourself and all sense of time. Having just had the opportunity to listen to all five tracks I am not quite sure whether I am back on earth or still existing in some alternative dimension.

Not music to play when you are about to need to concentrate, unless it is to draft a philosophy thesis – Self Spiral (available on bandcamp) splinters its shafts of illumination into a myriad of tiny dots and although lasting less than two minutes, finds the listener discombobulated for some while after conclusion.


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  1. Wow- this is incredible. Great track and article! Thanks for sharing.

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