The Sun And The Sea

The Sun And The Sea the ambient rock band from Springfield in The USA centres around Tim MooreMax Sauer and Chris Rhein with additional players as makes sense.

The Sun And The Sea - ambient rock from The USA

The Sun And The Sea – photo by David Mullis

Formed from the embers of The Graduate in 2011 The Sun And The Sea deliver sounds which envelope the room in gazey echoes. An easy flow of music meanders around the brain combining instruments and electronics in shifting harmonies which settle, like fine down, on the ears of the listener.

The Sun And The Sea travel a precarious path betwixt vacuous wallpaper and interest, always managing to stay on the right side of the lines. Don’t expect to be challenged, as that is not the purpose of the music, rather, like a self-levelling suspension it is designed – and delivers – a calming space in which to settle. Drawing on influences from astrological science the trio are able to transfer written word and radio-spectrum telescopy to an aural representation, of the likes of pulsar winds, leaving the audience in a state of wonderment.

Given the potential for extravagant interpretations of astrophysics, The Sun And The Sea retain a tight reign on the material livings the listener satisfied, not perplexed.


Vega – EP – The Sun and the Sea is available on iTunes*.

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