The Spase

The Spase from Halton in England is a semi-acoustic outfit centred around Andy ForrestPeter Walker and Simon Morris – plus additional players as makes sense.

The Spase - photo by trust a fox photography

The Spase – photo by trust a fox photography

Getting acoustic right is not something every band can do and writing songs specifically for acoustic presentation, in a world of ever more complex electronics, is a brave step. The Spase have every justification in so doing as the glittering melodies, which have a depth of tonality that captures the imagination, light-up the room.

Formed out of the embers of a previous iteration, by using extra instrumentation, which ranges though furrows of strings and players The Spase is able to bring fresh insight to each of their tracks, without the listener thinking – didn’t I just hear this? An impressive vocal is able to add considerable emotional context to the pieces and is deserving of far wider audience and their début eleven track LP – On A Cloud, which came out earlier this year is a fascinating journey which will, with fortune, gain them higher profile.

I wish The Spase every success with their career and I will certainly be dipping in to the music in the future.


On a Cloud – The Spase is available on iTunes*

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