The Soft Bombs

The Soft Bombs an electro-rock band from Nevada in the USA is the quartet of Michael Padilla (Guitar / Vocals), Ryan Sheridan (Bass / Backing Vocals), Ben Bodine (Drums / Vocals) and Ryan Brodie (Keyboards / Vocals).

The Soft Bombs - Electro rock from the USA

The Soft Bombs

The Soft Bombs, as with the suggestion of the A Clockwork Orange reference in the image above may lead you to expect, on the surface deliver an ambience of calming embrace which pulls in references from synth rock and immediately on hitting play the listener knows these are a band who know how to write melodies. Although formed as a solo project back in 2010 it wasn’t long before additional players were added with the complete line-up coming together in August 2011.

With expeditious writing and fusing of the keys The Soft Bombs drop in hints of psychedelia which adds to the brushed compositions. Whilst it is all very calming on the surface there is an underlying tension which gives the music a sense of menace that adds much to the value of the material. This is music to take in long draughts as the more it flows so the brain floats into the space, entranced by the movements contained within the tracks.

A new LP – Altered Sierra – is scheduled for release in January, an LP I look forward to hearing in full.


Embrace the Light – The Soft Bombs is available on iTunes*.

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