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The Society is a four-piece indie-light band from England.

The Society - Photo by Ryan Lloyd

The Society – Photo by Ryan Lloyd

Operating in a crowded market-place with style of music I very rarely feature. Despite being extremely user friendly The Society don’t produce music that will get lost in the world of ‘disposable radio songs’ – their latest track is Begging.

Inside the pristine veneer is a context of infectious instrumentation which travels through much of the range of the speakers – turn to loud with maximum dynamic range between tweeter and sub-woofer and you will discover the subtle interplay between the two six string guitars from which bass counters like a belligerent reprobate which is what gives it the interest.

The lightly touched dance track will undoubtedly travel far on the mainstream of ‘pop’ for the summer, though were that all it wouldn’t be here.

The Society are able to walk along the finely balanced edge between trivia and value to the world of music – the fact I am asking you to consider it, tells you which side of the balance I think it lays.

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