The Smallest Creature – Coward’s Wish – Audio

The Republic of Cyprus alt-rock trio The Smallest Creature released the LP Million on the 18th.

The Smallest Creature

The Smallest Creature

The just under forty minutes, eleven track, album is an undertow of dark melancholia, flecked with  shimmering crystals which keeps the listener teetering betwixt optimism and dark mood.

The sense of Million (available on bandcamp) is of travelling in to a deep and potentially fatal mine-shaft bedecked by the elixir of life if only one is prepared to take the plunge. It is a dive worth taking as the listener is wrapped in gossamer threads of delicate guitars chords whilst flooded with burbling bass and exploratory percussion whilst the signature vocal holds a candle around the damp wall lighting the path to the hidden jewels.

My pick of the release is the eighth number on the LP – Coward’s Wish.


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