The Slow Readers Club – I Saw A Ghost – Single Review

The English electro-rock band The Slow Readers Club appear on the site from time to time.

The Slow Readers Club - I Saw  Ghost

The Slow Readers Club

To my ears their best release has recently surfaced  – I Saw A Ghost – in the past few days as it finds The Slow Readers Club producing darkly melancholic atmospheric palls of sound that curl their way around the room, like mesmeric threads caught in the evening sunlight.

The three and a half-minutes can be put on ever present loop and on each iteration there is another dimension to be found. Percussion and bass lines plough their way through the subwoofers as the electronics and guitar float effortlessly to which the vocal finds a superlative relevance when compared to previous pieces and The Slow Readers Club have risen to a band that you need to catch now before they spin into outer-space and out of reach.

A new LP – Cavalcade – is scheduled for release in April and judging by I Saw A Ghost – something to ensure you get your mitts around.

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