The Shaykes

The Shaykes, a rock ‘n’ roll quintet from Central Coast in Australia is – Matty Dalcol (vocals), Matt Stalgis (Guitar), Dan Kennedy (Drums), Rhyse Aquillina (Bass) and Salvador Cordero (Keys).

The Shaykes - Rock 'n' Roll from Australia

The Shaykes

Combining elements of straight forward RnR with garage temperament The Shaykes deliver a sound that is simultaneously danceable whilst spiked with fuzzy pillars of high octane.

Piling on the pressure is a foot stomping percussion / bass combo, whilst the guitar sashays betwixt sparkling melodies and distortion as the low level keys blend the elements together to which the vocal switches with the moods of the moment, giving the material a flow of textures that captures the attention.

Formed as full entity last year, The Shaykes began their journey with concentration on live performance and they are now beginning to add Studio material for those of us not able to see them in performance. What I find particularly heartening in the four tracks I have been able to hear, is that the effervescent buoyancy hasn’t been left on the mixing desk as the home listener can happily dance to the tunes and feel the vibrancy of the music rattle around the room.

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  1. Great review… Plus great music to boot… love the energy..kind of old school with a refreshing indie touch..

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