The Shambolic

The Shambolic from Manchester in England is the rock band centred around Al (Guitar / Vocals) and Lee (Bass / Backing Vocals) plus one of a variety of drummers and additional players as needed.

The Shambolic - rock from England

The Shambolic

Growling out of the speakers the The Shambolic stomp into the room with a deep rumble which seems to emanate from the floor whilst rattling through the bones as the band bring back the granite to rock.

Whilst the material has a palpable and ominous presence, The Shambolic are more than capable of controlling the out-put and rather than a frenzy of activity, it is the very measured pace that gives the music its impact. There is an uncomplicated structure of hammered percussion, a bass that has the sub-woofers melting and guitar which adds the melancholic reverb and delay. Over looking it all is a vocal that has been dragged through gravel allowing the out-fit to steep the music in a furious rage.

This is music best served with bass on full and volume high with your head buried between the speakers to charge up the body and obliterate the cobwebs.

Currently putting the finishing touches to their début LP – 2015 should be an interesting year for The Shambolic.


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