The Seriouslys

The Seriouslys from Las Vegas in the USA is the new wave trio of Kate78 (Guitar), Xtal (Bass) and Dominique (Drums).

The Seriouslys - new wave from the USA

The Seriouslys

From the cleaving the speakers asunder as the sounds fight their way out into the room, there is nothing to do other than revel in The Seriouslys. There is not an extraneous note as the energies pour out from the compositions with the notes dripping sweat as they hurtle past the ears.

Tightly woven songs are harried along by percussion, whilst the bass hammers home nail-gun lines of tape, the guitar fights bravely to find space to be heard and a staccato vocal pepper-sprays the listener with invective.

A couple of years behind them and one change to the line-up The Seriouslys is a band that makes 2013 seem even better than it has been thus far, merely knowing they exist makes life a better place and long may they continue to deliver simple, powerful, intuitive rock for the delectation of the world.

Regardless of how much I am intrigued by a wide range of music from across the world, personally there is just no place like home and The Seriouslys are most certainly home.


S/T – The Seriouslys is available on iTunes*.

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