The Separators – Go Here Go There – Single Review

The US indie-rock trio The Separators released the three track single Go Here Go There on the 12th.

The Separators

The Separators

Unlike as may be expected by the name of the band The Separators create music which finds the audience joining in unison with the engaging sounds.

The title track and opener Go Here Go There immediately bonds with the listener like superglue as the energetic bursts of bubbles shower the ears in catchy progressions and rather than using their power to create volume, like a skilled boxer, impressively spring around the ring placing powerful jabs as The Separators lay out their distinguishing compact melodious rock.

Can I Be Yours? is another track that throws out its arms in welcoming embrace to the audience as the trio deliver a track of slightly higher tempo, while still giving themselves the room to develop the theme. Given that no track on the single last for even three minutes and this one only just over two and a half, it is clear evidence of their ability to carve out ideas and deliver them without any need to flummery, yet instinctively make the listener feel part of what is happening and not feel there are missing elements.

Closing out  Go Here Go There (which is available on bandcamp) is my pick of the release – Friday Night with a skittish drum opening that grabs the feet to the dance-floor before evolving into a number that contains some stunningly delivered flats that linger long in the memory.

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