The Scarlet Fever – Sea Of Mercury – Video

Earlier this year the Canadian electro-goth quintet The Scarlet Fever were introduced.

The Scarlet Fever - Sea Of Mercury - artwork

Sea Of Mercury, the third of the eleven tracks on the LP Collider is a continuation of the journey, with The Scarlet Fever groping deeper into the entrails finding bloodied hands grasping still beating heart, in a number that slithers from hold as the semi-permeable soundtrack promenades from the speakers in self-confident aloofness.

Rather than becoming disenfranchised the listener stretches arms to gain tenuous grip in frenzied desire to become part of the festooned procession. The Scarlet Fever have the knack of furrowing a path that enraptures the audience in the casually scattered flecks of gold that spill into earshot – to entice further investigation.

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