The Rungs

The Rungs is Mandy Gurung (Guitar / Vocals) and Diwas Gurung (Guitar / Synth) a synth-dance duo from Ithica in the USA.

The Rungs - synth dance from the USA

The Rungs

It is difficult not to be immediately drawn to references of the synth bands of the early ’80s, yet The Rungs sound as fresh as a daisy. Even on live performance the duo manage to deploy two guitars, the synth and vocals. It is the melodic interplay between the two six string guitars that enables the duo to deliver so much within a simple format.

The warmth of the synth floats through tracks around which instruments and vocals curl, raising a smile and a sense of well-being. In addition to the ’80s there is also a discernible reference to Newar from Nepal, which adds a sense of a folk theme running through the tracks. A newly released three track eponymous EP just doesn’t go on long enough as once you hit play you just want the mood to extend for more than the twelve minutes of the release.

I look forward to hearing more of The Rungs in short order. For those who are more local, they can be found regularly playing live.


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