The Rumble Skulls – Why You Are – Single Review

It has been a couple of years since the electro-rock outfit The Rumble Skulls from England last featured, which is more due to my inept administration than lack of new material.

The Rumble Skulls - Why You Are -artwork

The Rumble Skulls – Why You Are -artwork

The latest track to surface, Why You Are, that appeared on the 15th, again displays the free movement of the music with the roving combinations of effects and rocky guitar painting a landscape of intricate weaves, rounded by an unexpectedly expansive vocal that brightens the day for its presence and offers a moment in which to rest the barbs of the day.

Rumour also has it that an LP is waiting in the wings for release later in the year, which I look forward to hearing.

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  1. LADY PILOT the debut album – out 18th Jan 2019

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