The Red Rails

The Red Rails, a rock band from Ottawa in Canada is Kim Vincent (Guitar / Vocals), Chris Slaney (Bass / Backing vocals) and Steve Brogno (Drums).

The Red Rails - rock from Canada

The Red Rails

The mix of bluesy rock that The Red Rails produces is a well trodden path, what marks them above the crowd for me is the combination of relevant guitar twirls and slanting bass which gives the trio an impressively powerful sound. Without ever trying to break a mould of the genre that has worked for decades The Red Rails are able to create something which does have a difference, whilst being instantly recognizable for what it is.

A tight sounding out-fit who shake things up with tracks which range from the big stage to misty twists The Red Rails are garnering a dedicated local following. A début ten track LP coming out on the 15th July – A Living Fiction – which is a decent tour of their ability to write effective melodic sounds that captures the essence of their out-put  is preceded by a single – On The Line – which is track two on the album.


On the Line – Single – The Red Rails is available on iTunes*

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