The Rapports

The Rapports from Brighton in England is the indie rock quartet of Thomas Mayon (Vocals / Guitar), Chris Wright (Lead Guitar), Todd Cowell (Bass) and Collom Conchuir (Drums).

The Rapports - indie rock from England

The Rapports

New out of the blocks The Rapports formed out of the ashes of Actus Reus and this previous experience has been put to good use as there is a tight feel to the sound which belies the age of the unit. There is a carefree ease with which the quartet interact that gives the music an infectious quality.

The guitars shimmer inside the tracks, giving the sounds a warming timbre, whilst percussion and bass lay out a sold framework that pumps out of the speakers demanding attention, whilst the vocal quivers with emotion and the whole effect is to deliver a sound which pulls the audience into the anxieties.

The Rapports are able to convey the concepts of the songs effectively to the listener inside well judged tracks. The combinations of acoustic and electronic guitars enables the band to layer the music effectively and switch the emphasis of songs to express sonically the journey of the lyric.

Although there is little to hear of recorded material at present and they have only been performing live for the past month, from what I have had the opportunity to hear, these are a more than capable group of musicians who I would hope to hear much more of in short order.

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