The Racer

The Racer is a rock band from Monroe in the USA comprising Pete Marotta (Vocals), Mike Esserman (Guitar), Steve Kondracki (Guitar), Mike Perri (Drums) and Eric Sosler (Bass).

The Racer - Rock from the USA

The Racer

Formerly known as Stuedabakerbrown, The Racer offer  a well produced and delivered rock production which is marked by smartly derived compositions that settle easily with the listener.

Having been around for a few years The Racer has developed a maturity of style, which is compounded by the stability and friendships that stretch back even longer giving the quintet the ability to produce complexity within what otherwise would be ‘another rock band’. Although they have gained traction with a loyal audience, breaking into the wider sphere is for some unapparent reason proving elusive, such are the vagaries of the music business. As regular readers know this is not a style of music that easily resonates with me, but The Racer give it an ethereal quality that provides the hook and fine musicians they are too.

I gained much out of their 2012 twelve track LP Passengers with it’s contemporary progressive rock semantics which is a delightful companion. Balancing the full use of guitars, the odd pianoforte here and there and tempering the sound to enable the five players to sit equally as intrinsic to the songs gives the music a rich tonality as the music weaves through the room.

With  a new EP scheduled in short order one can only hope the band finds a more accepting broader audience and I wish them well.


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