The Quitters

The Quitters from Las Vegas in the USA is the agit-rock quartet of Marc Roqsberg (Bass / Vocals), Miqah Mayhem (Drums), Tommy A.K. (Guitar) and Dizzle Q Guapo (Guitar).

The Quitters - agit-rock from The USA

The Quitters

Rolling into the room The Quitters deliver an aural feast with their range of influences, which allow the band to provide a journey from the theatrical to the snarling rage. Essentially a message of change emanates from the band and with the ability to mix up the sounds the quartet are able to eloquently articulate their frustrations from the sources on which they draw to create their music.

The dexterity of references that The Quitters is able to draw from give them an incredibly powerful presence as the band slow down and speed up the tempo adding or subtracting layers without ever leaving the listener in any doubt that they are not impressed with the world order.

Having spent time on the live circuit and with releases behind them the quartet have gained the confidence to concentrate on the contexts of song, music and lyric which gives them a freedom to explore their musical and compositional skills. Providing the listener with music that at one moment spears into the bloodstream, other times gets the brain working and marks The Quitters out as a band with a difference.

A new LP – the eleven track Contributing To Erosion, through SquidHat Records which comes out on the 8th July  is a great development in the sound of The Quitters and well worth adding to the collection. Sadly, as of this moment, I can’t share any of the new tracks.


Contributing to Erosion – The Quitters is available on iTunes*

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