The Q – Chill Pill – Audio

Life rattles with surprises and for the conundrum for today – it was under a year ago that I first wrote about the English band – The Q with their timeless tunes, I am sure I must have been toddling around the room to these guys back in the late ’60s, but – apparently not.

The Q - Chill Pill

The Q

In support of children on Dialysis – a charity – The Pete Quaife Foundation was formed after his death in 2010. A charity and more importantly, in this instance a release – all seventy six tracks and thirty eight contributors, who have given their time freely is what matters. (As this is typed, I am unable to provide you with an order link for the LP).

On a far more positive note and getting back to where we were – The Q have a couple of songs on a six CD release entitled Legends: Shoulder To Shoulder. One appears on the second CD – the other on the last . So with some sense of what you did anticipate – from CD 6 – Chill Pill.

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