The Poulsons

The Poulsons from Leeds in England is the alt-rock quintet of Jayz, Clint, Gizmo, Dylus and Fredrick.

The Poulsons - alt-rock from England

The Poulsons

On hitting play I am somewhat reminded of that smear left on a page after erasing pencil as the blurred sounds weft their way around the room. Combining a range on influences The Poulsons have something of a resonance of Hawkind for the ’10s. Able musicians submerge their playing, which is a hive of activity, into the mixing desk and emerge with an agglomeration of sounds which entice the listener to become ever more involved.

Regardless of which way you turn any the knobs on your amplifier the vocal will ever remain subsumed in the out-put whilst surrounding it are instruments that twist and turn their way into engaging shapes of social commentary and stark isolation. The tracks are addictive and you just never want them to end though they do, with startling suddenness, sometimes in mid-chord.

Just over a year into their existence The Poulsons have released a debut eleven track LP Fire ‘n’ Fear, which is a worthy addition to the collection.

I look forward to hearing more of the band, who have developed an iconic and immediately distinctive sound.


Fire ‘n’ Fear – THE POULSONS is available on iTunes*.

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