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The English distortion-rock project The Poulsons are due to imminently release the LP Metrophobia.

The Poulsons - Utopia

The Poulsons

Within the past few hours ten tracks have surfaced, any of which would be a pleasure to feature but somehow the precisely three minute long – Utopia seemed very appropriate for its time precision, featuring the signature cliff-edge ending of all the tracks by The Poulsons.

For those who haven’t had an opportunity to catch any of the previous articles on the band over the past three years you have missed a musical treat. Able to record more loudly than most can manage they set the volume even louder as the music compresses within itself due to the sheer volume of sound. This is a band that is a Mastering nightmare as they break every rule an engineer will tell you is sacrosanct yet The Poulsons are able, time after time, to prove that rules are meant to be broken as they deploy over-compression and hurled up high bass to demonstrate their point.

Regardless of how how many decibels you think your sound-system can cope with – my advice – crank up the volume and enjoy the sounds of The Poulsons – in this instance the delightful Utopia as they evidence the illusion of the deeper the sound the louder it appears.

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