The Population Drops

The Population Drops a garage rock band from Vancouver in Canada comprises Mary Jane Doe, Matt Wrong, Helen Heaven and Teddy Reckless.

The Population Drops - Garage Rock from Canada

The Population Drops

A sultry blast winds its way in to the room on hitting play as The Population Drops combine electronics and instrumentation with tracks resonating of menacing under-currents. The sounds percolate the mind with imagery as the quartet layer on booming bass which plays superbly against the high pitches of the keys.

Whilst the tracks are generally less than the three minutes, they are laden with so many layers that they seem to extend far longer. It is the raw bleeding edges to the sound that brings it to life as The Population Drops play with a range of concepts. It is easy to find references to earlier bands, but that is to miss the point, as the quartet deliver a sound that has a distinctive style.

Having recently put together an EP – Enough – there is another due in short order – Find Another End. Having been away for a few days, it was with some considerable pleasure that I stumbled upon these four and I look forward to hearing more in the future.


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