The Pocket Gods – Shakespeare Verses Spotify – Video

The English new-wave outfit The Pocket Gods last featured in 2013.

The Pocket Gods & Friends - Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100x30) - artwork

The Pocket Gods & Friends – Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100×30) – artwork

In their typically angular perspective of music and the music industry The Pocket Gods decided to raise awareness of streaming royalties.

Identifying that to receive the minuscule royalty for a song played on Spotify it needed only to run for 30 seconds, so last year put out a compilation LP entitled 100 x 30, which was as is suggested on the tin – one hundred songs lasting thirty seconds.

In a follow-up on the 15th of July The Pocket Gods & Friends release the compilation Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100×30), another one hundred track release with songs just reaching the threshold for royalty payment, to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of The Bard. The thirty-fourth, by The Pocket GodsShakespeare Verses Spotify.

Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100×30) is available on Amazon.*

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