The Plaidians – Lights Out For The Boy – Audio

The Australian alt-indie duo The Plaidians release their début LP – Lights Out For The Boy on the 26th.

The Plaidians

The Plaidians

From the ten track album the second and title track is a mesmerising concoction of sweetly pressed oil and and some un-pitted olive stones as The Palaidians deliver their contemporary-rock influences fused with blousy indie-rock.

Whilst the audience does feel they should be smartly attired to suitably accompany Lights Out For The Boy, they also don’t feel they need to be sipping cocktails containing chunks of fruit on a stick, rather having a cold tinnie being equally acceptable.

A little too grown-up for my regular play-list, being something of a philistine that probably doesn’t come as a surprise, there is however no doubt The Plaidians are skilful creators and I wish them every success with the album as well as future releases.


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