The Pickled Onions – The Woods – Audio

The Pickled Onions the solo forlorn-indie project from Ireland released the EP The Woods yesterday.

The Pickeld Onions - The Woods - artwork

The Pickeld Onions – The Woods – artwork

With one track hanging from a couple of years ago The Pickled Onions is not quite a new idea, but it was only this month that the jumble of thoughts were able to coalesce into more than a fragility of concept with the release of the EP (available on bandcamp).

Each track very different from each, other than the thread of a sense of isolation. The Pickled Onions is able to tread a meandering course of introspection which captivates the listener for its very imploding hopelessness. Perhaps none more so than the title track and middle of the five which descends into deflated flats that remind the listener of watching the spires of State collusion slowly deflating before our eyes as the collapsing self-laudatory statues spontaneously combust to smouldering ash.

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