The People’s Whiskey

The People’s Whiskey is Luis Mendez (Drums), Cody Leavitt (Bass / Vocals), Justin Bridges (Guitar / Vocals) and Steve DeZarn (Guitar) a rock and roll band from Henderson in the USA.

The People's Whiskey - rock 'n' roll from the USA

The People’s Whiskey

There is nothing other than to do other than stand up and dance with The People’s Whiskey. I am sure there will be others who will put all sorts of fancy genres to this quartet, but it is plain and simple Rock ‘n’ Roll ramped up a few notches and what a great space in which to spend some time.

Whatever volume you have your speaker set – make it louder, then force the switch even louder, this is raucous rock as it should be, pared back to the basics and hurled out across the room in a frenzy of activity. No need to put on a tuxedo when you step into the space, just a pair of blue brothel creepers and you are all set for as much time as your heart can cope with.

The People’s Whiskey is precisely why I get so much satisfaction from what I do and you just know they are enjoying at much as with no pretension they throw out simple constructs delivered with sweating brows. If your ears aren’t bleeding the volume isn’t loud enough.


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