The One2s – No One Sings The Songs We Sing – Single Review

The US alt-rock band The One2s are currently working their début LP for release later in the year.

The One2s - No One Sings The Songs We Sing

The One2s

Made available on bandcamp on the 16th No One Sings The Songs We Sing has a superb gothic fuzziness to it, that although the song last for just under six minutes you find wishing was even longer and need to hit replay immediately.

The subtle interplay between the two guitars allows The One2s to create almost tangible textures while the subdued bass gives the track a brooding presence as the sniping percussion adds to the menace and the vocal slides around the room in luscious tones. No One Sings The Songs We Sing is a track The One2s are able to invest immense presence through the quiet delivery and just because it is necessary, I am off to play this once again.

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