The OK Social Club

The OK Social Club from Edinburgh in Scotland is the alt-indie quartet of Raff Eragona ( Vocals / Guitar), Chris Finn (Guitar), Gordy Burn (Bass) and Jordan Harvey (Drums).

The OK Social Club - alt-indie from Scotland

The OK Social Club

Skittering around the room like indoor fireworks The OK Social Club have a freshness and zest which feeds into the listener giving the brain a lift. It isn’t possible to listen to the music without being infected by their enthusiasm and it the likes of this band that life as a reviewer is so rewarding.

Although the music is easy on the ears, The OK Social Club demonstrate considerable musical prowess in their compositions which flash past at lightning speed, containing intricate interplay and timing between the players. The dual guitar combinations permit the band to inject textures into the music, which, whilst being driven onward by bass and percussion, is finely balanced by the combinations. The vocal, with more than a hint of Scottish accent, gives the material an earthy realism which engages the audience.

Having been around since 2011 and with an LP – Nothing In Common – behind them The OK Social Club have served their apprenticeship and I look forward to hearing much more of the band in a broader context. A new single Threads coming out on the 14th March is to be followed by another album later in the year. The newer material finds the band in a more tempered mode and it will be interesting to hear what the new LP has to offer.


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