The Oi Oi’s – Need To Breathe – Single Review

The English alt-rock trio The Oi Oi’s are scheduling the release of the single Need To Breathe on the 1st of June.

The Oi Oi's - Need To Breathe

The Oi Oi’s

With only a couple of songs around for those of us who haven’t yet had the opportunity to catch them live their depth of song writing skills has already become self-evident. The newest song strays from the blues threaded Holy Moly, featured at the tail end of last year, to a more complex composition which demands more of them as musicians, a challenge they are ably adept at meeting as Need To Breathe plays with a more muddy texturing.

Subtle shifts in timing create a track which at one moment sparkles like tinkling glasses at a wedding party celebration the next the flat rubbers of the beer soaked pool tables of a pub league competition where angles of bounce and welts in the felt are all an at home advantage and an away win is a difficult prize – suffice to say The Oi Oi’s are able to prise open the key to a victory.

It will be interesting to discover where the trio head next, though if you happen to be in London on the 15th of June at Nambucca you may well have the answers prior to me being in a position to provide an update.

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