The Northern Folk – Get On – Single Review

The Australian funk-folk undecim The Northern Folk release the single Get On on the 12th.

The Northern Folk - Get On

The Northern Folk

Digging deeper in to the soul in Get OnNorthern Folk are able to deliver a song in which the listener finds themselves investigating their own eviscerated skeleton as once again the eleven players strip away all the fat, akin to vultures feasting, with the stripped back melodies within which the undecet once again demonstrate their ability to deploy players in relevant stance rather than abstract inclusion to merely make things louder whilst creating confusion, as they clear away a platform in which the brass, keys and vocals are given stance with the supporting framework of percussion and guitars framing the output of a song that fulminates of societal disconnect.

Those who are of longer stay will be minded of the Russian tredecim – Краснознаменная дивизия имени моей бабушки (Red banner division named after my grandmother),  who were also the Editors’ Choice for band of the month in May – stylistically very different though of similar innate ability and hence why it is once again a pleasure to invite you to spend another just over three and a half minutes in the company of The Northern Folk.

For more bands who need large stages in which to fit all the players – Indie Bands on Facebook is a reasonable place to start.

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