The New Southern Electrikk

The New Southern Electrikk from Manchester in England is the smudge-synth quintet of Monica Ward (Vocals), Zack Davies (Guitar), Rikki Turner (Keys), Steven Tajti (Bass) and Jim Correy (Drums).

The New Southern Electrikk - photo by Shari Denson

The New Southern Electrikk – photo by Shari Denson

Think of Olive Oil presses and you are in the vicinity of The New Southern Electrikk who drip finely tuned unctions across the room. The music wraps the listener in warming smothers of sound-scape as garage rock and new romanticism coalesce into an amalgam in which you just want to bathe.

Combinations of driving percussion and pearlescent bass duel with a guitar that flicks around the ears in vituperative echoes as the synth weaves threads of multi-coloured billows of goose-down in which the brain takes comfort as a vocal acts like a blood-letting outlet for the frustrations to spill as The New Southern Electrikk allow thoughts to ferment.

Still in early stages of development the quintet have much to add to the world of music and they are still in the egress of an earlier iteration – as those of longer readership will know – perhaps immediately recognising the ‘kk’ in Electrikk.

I look forward to discovering more as the few tracks I have been able to hear demonstrate that The New Southern Electrikk have much to offer.

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