The New Infection

The New Infection is Seamus (Vocals / Guitar), James (Lead Guitar), Ben (Drums) and Jeremy (Bass) an indie-pop rock band from London in England.

The New Infection - indie pop from England

The New Infection

The New Infections add a zing to the day. I am reminded of the likes of The Shh and The YuYa with their sounds that can’t help but make everything seem better. Adding some well constructed bass line gives the material a firm foundation on which electronics and instruments jump around like spring lamb inside a framework of a well defined percussion, the vocal completes the sprightly sounds.

Judging by the opening track on their scheduled EP and comparing this to earlier material The New Infection seem to be moving to a more techno pop feel from the more instrumental focus of previous pieces. However they play it, the band have the ability to make the most out of the ideas and deliver music which lives up to the bands name as the listener can’t help but be caught up in the infectious enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

In addition to the recordings The New Infection can be found regularly playing live, typically at present in and around London, but it shouldn’t be too long before they are given the opportunity to venture further afield.


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