The New Faith – Look The Other Way – Video

The English creamy-rock septet The New Faith are currently recording their début LP for release in mid 2017.

The New Faith

The New Faith

The sublimely controlled baritone vocal holds the focus of attention in the approximately five and a half minute track, though to ignore the underpinning of the orchestration and supporting voices which gives the material its enrapturing invocations and melody, would be foolhardy.

Piano, bowed strings, percussion, wind instruments and guitar all play their part in creating a composition that finds the listener wishing the duration was extended.

The players are experienced musicians having merged from two bands, which is evident in their confidence in opening their account with a complex formula and although, sadly, unlikely to gain centre stage on radio play such is the banality of mainstream music, The New Faith is a band who add, even in these few moments in one song, to the weave of the world, far more than the ‘popular’ typically manage in their complete catalogue and I am looking forward to the surfacing of the album.


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