The Moon Apes – White Flock – Audio

Within the past few hours the England based dark-acoustic duo The Moon Apes released the EP Six Of Seven.

The Moon Apes - Photo by Andrzej Koston

The Moon Apes – Photo by Andrzej Koston

I have spent the past couple of days with an earache which continually sends a dull throb through my brain and despite various medicament’s I have not been able to discover much relief until Six Of Seven (available on bandcamp) a four track, eleven minute reveal came bursting through the speakers with a sub-woofer testing soundtrack that minds of a balladeer roaring out in the late evening.

The uncomplicated guitar combines with an equally direct drum-kit bouncing both across the walls in fulminating mood with an ill-tempered vocal piloting the 特別攻撃隊 and delivering an explosion of sound in which the listener lays in pleasure within the fulsome assault.

The opening track is White Flock.

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