The Monikers – Friends Like These – Single Review

The Australian rock ‘n’ roll band The Monikers release the single Friends Like These on the 13th of December.

The Monikers - Photo credit Ryan Scrimshaw

The Monikers – Photo credit Ryan Scrimshaw

Often, life only needs straightforward rock ‘n’ roll to make the world seem a better place and in Friends Like These (a song made available a few hours ago), The Monikers have exceeded the brief.

The music steps out into the room, immediately, taking the listen by hand to the dance-floor to join in with the bouncing bubbles of Friends Like These. Whilst the tune is of joyful foot-step the lyric is of darker thoughts and the audience can take their choice whether consider the words of let-down or abandon themselves in shuffled feet, as doing both is more difficult to contemplate. That however doesn’t mean the that aurally there is any discordance as The Monikers tie the juxtapositions seamlessly.

The quartet have been around a couple of years now, putting together invigorating live shows as well as finding time to head frequently to the studio to satiate those unable to get to see them in performance.

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