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The Missing is a US hard rock quartet.

The Missing

The Missing

After a break to deal with the realities of day to day life The Missing got back together just over a year ago and this month released the LP They Live which is available on bandcamp.

An eleven track album which was recorded with everyone in one room together and little post production aiming to capture the essence of the sentiment of the release which reflects of the problems that led to the extended break. Despite the personal nature of the soundtrack the listener doesn’t sense they are being drowned in self-pity, rather a narrative of which they can draw parallels to their own lives. Despite being rusty there is little doubt these are capable musicians as rather than sounding like a band who have cut their first recording in five years the LP feels as though this is a natural continuation of where they left off and the intervening years were just imagined.

The roughly forty two minutes LP is a showcase in driving rock as percussion and bass never relent their hold on the speakers, with guitar providing the distinctive nature of the individual tracks threading from crushing riffs to spacious chords with vocal ranging through roaring growls to quiet commentary.

Welcome back to The Missing who as the album title informs – They Live – and I look forward to coming back to them later in the year.

The  penultimate track is Culver.

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