The Minx

The Minx from Manchester in England is the new-wave quintet of Chris Haddon (Guitar / Vocals), Andy Evans (Drums), Paul Robinson (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Steven Stuttard (Bass) and Kieran McIntyre (Keys / Backing Vocals).

The Minx - new wave from England

The Minx

Stand up, clear some space and only then hit play as The Minx send charges of voltage through the room which remind me of The Members and The Stranglers which is never a bad thing. This is scruffy music which sits in perfect tune with my continual desire to pogo. It doesn’t however sit as a pastiche of the bands of my playing era, rather a refreshing slice of current diced onions.

The straightforward compositions are stuck in perfect syncopation as The Minx roll out sounds which have a burst of energy along with a consideration of composition and again the synthetics play an integral role in developing the raw rock frisson. Whilst there is an underlying freneticism, which is enhanced by the tightly woven notes, the players deliver the songs with calmness which allows the audience to only concentrate on keeping their own balance as they flail around the room in vague unison with the beats.

I have heard people pay for gym membership – there is no need – just stick on a thread of The Minx.


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